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Our vision

We are all in for the change, the necessary change in the educational system. Our vision is about the change, to bring a necessary change, which we believe, is essential for any society.

Those who are now starting their academic careers need to look closely at the latest developments in science. This is why we want science, research, and academic- scientific rigor to become the norm and not the exception. We want to bring back the memory of excellence in Romania's education system.

On the other hand, there is a need in our society to apply the norms of scientific research also in social and therapeutic programs. We are convinced that a society that is honest in the therapeutic act, and the social programs offered, is a society capable of recognizing its limits, challenging them, overcoming its fears and constantly evolving.

Our mission 

For our vision to be achieved, we need an education program that puts science back where it belongs, at the heart of the education system. We will advocate for that, at any possible level.
Research, the most beautiful part of the academic life,  but also the part that requires the most effort and resources, deserves to be put back at the heart of our education system.

Because it is impossible to have an overnight revolution in education, we want to bring in the brightest minds from universities outside Romania to introduce us to quality research, and to generate interest among students.
So our effort is primarily directed towards educational programs, and secondarily towards social programs, specifically designed to make use of the latest findings in science, but also to provide clear evidence of the impact these programs are having.

We will strongly advocate the decision factors from universities to start at least a new master course in Cognitive Neuropsychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, and also in Cognitive Neuroscience. It is mandatory for our academic environment to align with the well establish academic training from EU and USA, in fost needed fields like Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

Our Goals

Design, implement and asses high impact social programs.

Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology Master's and Cognitive Neuroscience Master's

Promote Neuroscience and Neuropsychology in Academia and Psychology professionals. 

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