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Thinking Beyond Academia: Strategies for Effective Knowledge Communication

The scientific community, owing to research conducted over the past three decades, has amassed a substantial volume of information primarily utilized in research and the development of projects exclusive to the academic environment. This knowledge is also harnessed by think tanks, incorporating it into the formulation of macro-social  strategies. Specifically, our goal is to narrow the informational gap between the academic sphere and society, aiming to facilitate access to these knowledge resources and promote efficient, bidirectional communication between these two distinct realms.

Vision Statement:


Embracing Transformation for Educational Excellence

Our unwavering commitment is to spearhead a transformative shift within the educational system. Our vision centers on excellence, aiming to instigate a profound and essential change crucial for the advancement of any society.

New entrants into academia must closely scrutinize the latest advancements in science. Our goal is to elevate science, research, and academic-scientific rigor from exceptions to norms. We aspire to revive a culture of excellence within Romania's education system.

Simultaneously, societal needs dictate the application of scientific research norms in social and therapeutic programs. We firmly believe that a society committed to honesty in therapeutic and social endeavors is one that acknowledges its limits, confronts challenges, overcomes fears, and continuously evolves.


Mission Statement:


Empowering Education through Scientific Integration


To realize our visionary goal, we advocate for an educational program that reinstates science at the core of the education system, advocating tirelessly at all levels.

Research, the enriching essence of academic life, demands considerable effort and resources, warranting its resurgence at the heart of our education system.

Acknowledging the impossibility of an immediate educational revolution, we seek to engage the brightest minds from international universities to introduce us to cutting-edge research and ignite interest among students. Our primary focus is on educational programs, supplemented by social initiatives designed to leverage the latest scientific findings and transparently demonstrate their impact.

We staunchly advocate for university decision-makers to initiate new master's courses in Cognitive Neuropsychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, and Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience.

Aligning the academic environment with established advanced training standards, especially in critical fields like Neuroscience and Neuropsychology, is imperative.

By championing these principles, we aim to redefine education, fostering a society that not only values excellence but actively pursues it for the collective betterment of our species. 

Our Goals

Design, implement and asses high impact social programs.

Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology Master's and Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience Master's

Promote Neuroscience and Neuropsychology in Academia and Psychology professionals. 

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