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Mentorship for succes.

Students, at the beginning of their master or bachelor experience, studying psychology, neuropsychology, clinical psychology or neurobiology, have limited information and networking resources.

What we want is that for those who want to continue their studies, we can give them all our assistance, so that they can achieve their goals more easily.

Moreover, our expertise, the information network we have and our personal connections are an asset when it comes to relevant information.

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The Mentors

Who are the mentors?

They are international students,  who have gone through these stages and now have successfully participated in post-doctoral studies, or master's degrees, to win research grants outside Romania, at the largest universities.

They will be the mentors, the ones who will share their experience and the ones who will expose good methods and appropriate practices, in order to be able to help successfully achieve their goals and thus contribute to the growth of the academic community outside Romania.

Who are the mentors?


The mentoring program is carried out in the following frameworks: participating in ongoing Mindlifeline programs; participating in Individual or in group programs, depending on the mentor's load and number of participants.

Participants will be expected to put in individual effort to make the most of the program. This includes completing assigned tasks, participating actively in group discussions, and taking responsibility for their personal growth and development.

The program is highly goal-oriented, and each participant will have the opportunity to set and work towards achieving their own specific goals with the support of their mentor and fellow participants. The program is ideal for individuals who are committed to their personal growth and are looking for a supportive community to help them succeed.

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Mindlifeline Programs

Mindlifeline is currently able to welcome students into the mentorship program at Neurocon. Within the program, students will be able to carry out specific activities in the research process (theme research, article search, quality check) but also organisational activities, process management etc.

The mentees will receive at the end of the program a detailed recommendation letter, and also all the documents required by the Romanian Legislation, and the volunteering law.

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Individual Mentorship

Participation in the classic mentorship program will depend on the availability of mentors. This program is highly requested, so there may be a waiting list. The individual program, which is the most popular, typically has a waiting period, that will take around 2 months. 

The mentorship program requires a mandatory weekly one-hour meeting and the mentee is expected to engage in some required activities and put in effort to achieve good results in a short time period.

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Group Mentorship

The group mentorship program is designed for a maximum of 7-10 people who will meet online every week for 2-3 hours. Each mentee is expected to put in individual effort to achieve their goals.

The program is goal-oriented, every participant will have the opportunity to learn from the mentors as well as from their peers. 


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