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The conference on Consciousness

Consciousness, the subjective experience of being aware, has long been a topic of interest and debate in both philosophy and science. With recent advancements in neuroscience, the study of consciousness has gained new insights and potential for further exploration.

A conference on consciousness that brings together leading researchers, philosophers, and thinkers in the field to present and discuss the latest discoveries, theories, and applications of consciousness research. The conference is important for students who are preparing for careers in neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, and related fields, providing them with a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements and debates in the study of consciousness.

Moreover, this conference on consciousness is beneficial for professionals who are already working in these fields, offering them the opportunity to expand their knowledge, network with peers, and collaborate on new research projects.

The conference featured presentations on topics such as the neural correlates of consciousness, the relationship between consciousness and attention, the role of consciousness in decision-making, and the philosophical implications of consciousness research.

Finally, this conference on consciousness have broader implications for society as a whole, as understanding the nature of consciousness can have significant implications for our understanding of human experience, ethics, and even the nature of reality itself. By bringing together experts from different fields to discuss these topics, a conference on consciousness have a significant impact on how we view ourselves and the world around us.

Minscapes Conference is a project of Mindlifeline and  Redesign NGO .

It too take place on June 2nd, at Romanian Atheneum. 

You can't miss the recordings  of the year.

Mindscape Official PosterPoster

The Speakers

The following were the speakers of Mindscapes 2023.

Scientific Committee

Florin S. Piscociu M.Sc. Sapienza University,  Léa Chibany Ph.D. Candidate Université de Bordeaux,  Luana Aldea M.Sc. Sapienza University, Bianca Wiersema M.Sc. Leiden University, Robert Chis Ciure Ph.D.  

View Gallery

Here are some photographs from Mindscapes 2023.


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