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Therapy for Ukraine

Alleviating the effects of war

War inflicts destruction on various fronts, leaving roads and homes in ruins and causing substantial material losses. On a practical level, everything can be restored or replaced, albeit with varying degrees of effort and resources.

However, the most profound and irreplaceable loss is the human lives sacrificed in an irrational conflict. Tens of thousands of individuals, including children, women, and the elderly, have tragically perished in this senseless war. The magnitude of this tragedy transcends any perspective.

Yet, on a higher plane, the enduring impact is the daily human suffering experienced by survivors. It is an ongoing struggle marked by relentless, intense grief, affecting individuals at the core of their being. These people confront a future marred by uncertainty and despair. Without therapeutic interventions to help normalize their lives post-tragedy, the untreated suffering will persist, yielding lasting effects.

At this critical juncture, the next tier of assistance is imperative, a support level uniquely provided by trained professionals from Ukraine. This program is a dedicated initiative aimed at alleviating the plight of the war's victims.

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The program in brief

The Therapy for Ukraine program features a crucial scientific component crafted in collaboration with professors from Sapienza University in Rome, KU Leuven University, and Duke University. These experts provide substantial scientific guidance throughout the program's entire duration.

Consequently, a systematic monitoring process for refugees will be implemented, utilizing calibrated tests tailored for the Ukrainian population and administered in both Ukrainian and Russian languages.

We've enlisted 18 therapists from Ukraine, graduates of Training Institutes and Psychology Faculties in Ukraine, possessing therapeutic intervention experience to ensure high-quality service delivery.

This allows therapists based in Romania, recognized by the Romanian Psychological Professional Body, to actively contribute to providing much-needed psychological intervention.

Our intention is to focus on severe cases in the project's second phase. A community center, bringing together experienced Romanian and Ukrainian therapists, will collaboratively offer therapeutic interventions in these instances.

Despite significant efforts from the entire team and pro-bono involvement from those who have supported the project thus far, we've made progress towards the initial stages of implementation. However, we still require more commitment from additional individuals and companies.

Therapy for children

It is particularly important that therapists in Ukraine are provided with a high standard of training in order to successfully manage the devastating effects of war on the psyche of children in extremely difficult situations: loss of parents, displacement, or isolation.

The specialist training of Ukrainian therapists will be carried out by psychotherapists from Europe who are experts in dealing with the adverse psychological effects of war.

This will ensure that the effects of war are tackled with tools that have proven their effectiveness.

Therapists will be intensively trained  to provide emergency therapeutic intervention to children in one of the situations described above.

How can you help

For this idea to be implemented, we need much help. Any contribution to this initiative is appreciated and welcome. We assure you that the suffering of the children, mothers, and parents of our northern neighbours will be reduced through this contribution.

Because nothing is more critical than to reverse or alleviate, through therapeutic intervention, the effects of the war in Ukraine on the civilian population but significantly reduce the suffering caused to Ukrainian mothers and children.

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Ukrainian refugees are facing a traumatic experience due to the ongoing conflict in their country, and many of them are in need of urgent psychological and emotional support.

Once the program will be financed, we expect a large number of requests from Ukrainian refugees. 

Therefore, we will ned any help available from our volunteers. 

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Providing therapeutic interventions to Ukrainian refugees not only addresses their immediate needs but also contributes to their long-term well-being. Research has shown that early intervention in traumatic situations can prevent the development of mental health problems and reduce the risk of long-term psychological distress. We will appreciate you effort in financing the program.

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