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Therapy for Ukraine

Providing therapeutic interventions to Ukrainian refugees not only addresses their immediate needs but also contributes to their long-term well-being.

Research has shown that early intervention in traumatic situations can prevent the development of mental health problems and reduce the risk of long-term psychological distress.

Acting as soon as possible is mandatory. 

What is Healthy Aging webinar?

You will learn about the aging process, from a Neuropsychological perspective. You will have a lot of information about what are the key factors in aging, what are neurodegenerative disorders and what is to be done to avoid or delay the burden of aging.

You will have all the information necessary to understand the implications of the neurodegeneration process, and the necessary steps to delay as much as you can the consequences of aging.


Neurocon 23 poster

Neurocon 23

Neurocon 2023 presented an exceptional online event exploring neuroscience, neurobiology, and neuropsychology.

Highlights included Professor Karl Friston from the University College of London, a leading researcher in neuroscience. Other distinguished speakers, like Professor Claudio Babiloni from the University of Sapienza in Rome and Professor Illana Gozes, Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University, also contributed.

The event featured two panel discussions moderated by experts. Dr. Cristiana Dimulescu from Technische Universität Berlin led the first day's discussion on neuroscience research, while Prof. Maria Theresa Fiorenza from the University of Sapienza in Rome guided discussions on Alzheimer's disease and neurobiology on the second day.

Mindscape Poster


A conference about consciousness. What are the most important research updates on consciousness, and how those research can influence the future of AI. Held in Bucharest,  Romania, at Romanian Atheneum on June 2nd. Anil Seth, Georg Northoff, Stephen Grossbergh, Danko Nikolic, Claudio Babiloni, Steven Gouveia, and Dragoș Cîrneci, are among the speakers and panelists of the conference.

Upcoming Events

  • Healthy Ageing
    Healthy Ageing
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Education about ageing! How to age gracefully? What are the most important risk factors? What I have to do to avoid a rough landing in the third age? You will get answers for all those questions, at the webinar.

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